Some Tips on How To Trap A Raccoon

How To Trap A Raccoon – Raccoons can be a nightmare for the homeowner. They will eat out of your garbage cans, steal pet food and birdseed, destroy gardens, and defecate on your property. Raccoons can get into your shed, your garage, under your porch, even in your attic or chimney. These pests can be difficult to get rid of, and there is plenty of bad information out there (raccoon repellents: they don't work), but there are some effective measures you can take to deter the raccoon menace.

 Raccoons In Your Yard

Raccoons are primarily looking for food and shelter, so eliminating any opportunity to find these on your property is the most important thing you can do to keep them away. Securing your garbage can lids and feeding pets indoors are two preventative measures you should take.

Seal off access to the underside of porches and decks, your house, and other structures using chickenwire or similar. It is far easier to prevent a raccoon from accessing these locations than it is to remove one from them.

How To Trap A Raccoon

If the raccoon has access to your roof, it may gain entry to your attic through a hole, so be on the lookout for these and repair or block them off immediately. This may not be enough however, as raccoons have been known to rip through shingles to gain access to your home's interior. Having a raccoon inside your house is a difficult scenario, and it is recommended that you consult a pest control professional for the sake of safety.

How To Trap A Raccoon

Raccoon Trapping

If you do decide you do want to trap a raccoon yourself, be sure to check your jurisdiction to make sure it is legal. Raccoon traps pose a problem, as they are just as capable of catching the neighborhood pets or other wildlife as they are raccoons. If you are trapping a raccoon within your home, be sure to find out if it has cubs. The last thing you want is decomposing babies in an out of reach location.

Raccoon Repellents

Often made from ammonia or predator urine, you may run into raccoon repellents online. Offered as an easy solution to your raccoon problem, be warned that these are largely ineffective. Your wallet will be a little bit lighter, but you'll still have raccoons around.

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